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Gen-2 Strat pickups - the real deal

Gen-2 Stratocaster pickups, twangy attack, bitey highs and low mid scoop.       Released Dec-2014

Not exactly new but there's still a lotta folks who don't know about these remarkable pickups.  Yup, these are the real deal and probably better than most non-noiseless pickups.

One of the defining characteristics of Stratocaster sound is the low mid scoop and a good amount of twang at the same time on the low wound strings.  We chased it without success for years, until boss Chris invented and patented a little device that focuses magnetic energy into the coil space.  That might not sound very exciting but believe me it's a game changer ... BIG TIME. 

Our Impersonator E69 and Impersonator E56 are the prime exponents of historically accurate (new) Stratocaster sound (before it becomes aged).  Listen to these three demos and you will quickly be convinced.  You would be forgiven for forgetting these are Zero-Hum pickups.

Impersonator E69 set Impersonator E56 neck pickup


And just for good measure, here's Apache and Frightened City, Shadows tunes played by Hank Marvin's personal tech, Paul Rossiter