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Introducing The 55mm Tele bridge pickup for Stratocaster

Ever since the beginning customers have asked us for a Strat pickup that sounds like a Tele bridge pickup.  Why?  Because Tele bridge pickups have a somewhat unique and better sound than Strat pickups in the bridge position.  But not many realized the 55mm magnet spread of a Tele bridge pickup also provides near perfect string-over-magnet alignment whereas the 52.5mm magnet spread of Strat pickups causes one, or both 'E' strings to lie outside the corresponding magnets resulting in significant volume and tonal losses which players find very annoying. 

Yes, that extra 2.5mm makes a huge improvement.

And here it is, the PERFECT Strat bridge pickup ....notice the perfect string-over-magnet alignments


Why can't you simply install a Tele bridge pickup into a Stratocaster?  The main reason is accommodating the huge baseplate in a Strat requires massive enlargement of the pickup cavity which then comes perilously close to the mounting studs of modern Strat Two Point bridges and may result in them collapsing into the cavity.  The other reason is the 2 mounting screw holes for the original Strat pickup will be left as unsightly gaping holes.

Introducing The '55' Tele bridge pickup for Stratocaster from Kinman which avoids modifying the pickup cavity and also avoids the need to buy a replacement pickguard.  Details are on the relevant product page in the Strat pickups section.

You have the choice of any current Kinman Tele bridge model .....

  • AVn-60b  Gen-2
  • AVn-48b  Gen-2
  • Impersonator 52b  Gen-2
  • Bridge Blaster  Gen-2
  • Kick-in-the-Arse  Gen-2