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P-90 Hx now with Universal Soapbar covers




Back in 2009 when we launched our P-90 Hx the only soapbar covers that were available were generic covers from Korea and back then we didn't have the funds to have an injection mold made to produce our own cover.  As with a lot of things made in Korea they were not faithful copies of the original Gibson Soapbar covers.  The big difference is the corner radius being 5mm Radius whereas Gibson covers have 7mm corner radius ... and the color.  Our's is genuine Gibson rich Cream, the Korean generic is ... er ... well .. it's not really cream. 

We found the Korean generic covers we used at that time, despite the tighter corner radius, would squeeze into Gibson pickup cavities without much trouble.  However in the intervening years Gibson reduced their clearance between the cavity walls and the pickup and now the Korean covers will not squeeze in.

So we invested in a custom made injection mold and now we offer two types of Soapbar covers, the new one is what we call the Kinman "Universal" soapbar cover and it has 7mm corner radius so it fits easily into Gibson as well as all all other soapbar cavities ... whereas Gibson covers must be wedged into generic cavities and difficult to adjust for slant.

Our improved Universal cover is available in genuine Gibson Cream (shown above), Warm White, Parchment, Aged White and Black and in 53mm, 50mm and 47.5mm pole spreads. 

Order your new P-90 Hx and have confidence in knowing they will fit easily into your pickup openings regardless of what the existing pickups are and that you will soon be enjoying the very best noiseless P-90 on the planet, and .... you'll have full adjustability.

Kinman is well know for going the extra miles and we have done it again with our non-magnetic mounting plate that does not interfere with the hum cancelling ability of our fabulous P-90 Hx.  Replace Gibson's magnetic steel plate if present in your Les Paul, it's an option when ordering our P-90 Hx pickups