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WR humbucker WITH our many improvements

Our Kinman Custom Shop Wide Range humbucker had many improvements,  Let's start with string level drop off.

1)  All Wide Range humbucker have extremely poor string-over-magnet alignment.  A momentous blunder occurred when they tooled up for this model back in the early 70's and all copys by other brands since have the same blunder.  The blunder causes volume level drop off on at least one of the E strings as well as the next string (the B-2nd or A-5th)

2)  Like all our pickups our WR is available in 3 different magnet spacings

  • 47.5mm for the neck position when a narrow spaced bridge is fitted
  • 50mm for the bridge position when a narrow spaced bridge is fitted
  • 50mm for neck position when a vintage Strat bridge is fitted
  • 53mm for the bridge position when a vintage Strat bridge is fitted

3)  WR humbuckers have soft plastic bobbins and the flanges bend outwards when the coil is wound.  Our bobbins are made of an expensive, rigid epoxy/glass laminate which resists bending even with high coil tension.

4)  We use our special Alnico-K magnets which is largely responsible for our enviable reputation for great tone and satisfying dynamics.  Our magnets are very stable and will not lose magnetism over time as Cunife material does.

5)  All WR copies use the same coil specs.  We have found several great improvements with our coil winding know-how and wide range of wire types we carry in stock (30 different magnet wire types and sizes).

6)  As engineers we don't think very highly of the 4 mounting screw system because it stresses and distorts the flatness of the pickguard and it's very difficult to adjust properly.  Our WR has 3 mounting screws which are self leveling and far easier to adjust properly for slant and tilt as well as height.