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P-90 Hx Gen-3 v2 hum-sensor upgrade

P-90 Hx Gen-3 v2 hum sensor upgrade        8-May-2021

Our P-90 Hx is well known for it’s lively and dynamic performance but our boss Chris Kinman, being a tireless improver and inventor, has lately been working on improving the Gen-3 hum-sensor to coax even more liveliness and dynamic performance from the Nasty-90 models in particular.

He invented the Gen-3 Deep-Core induction plate hum-sensor, the thing that allowed us to shave 3mm from the height of our Gen-2 models so it fits into the great majority of Soapbar cavities without modification, and with the improved v2 design he has found ways to double the efficiency of the assembly.  By achieving an extraordinary output of 1500 milli-volts under our test apparatus he has halved the turns count of the coil and otherwise reduced parasitic coil capacitance by more than 6 times, with the results that the Nasty 90 pickup sounds identically dynamic and downright nasty when the hum sensing coil is shorted out of circuit.  This is an extraordinary achievement by any measure. 

Of course we feel the cost of the additional 12 components and the additional labor cost to assemble them is well worth the satisfaction of achieving the very best noiseless and most dynamic P-90’s on the planet.  Meaning it's a no cost upgrade ... for the moment.

Kinman has positioned our P-90 Hx as the pinnacle of technology and performance and is so far advanced will remain so for years to come ... and maybe forever.

If you bought one of our Gen-3 upgrades that you feel is not as lively and dynamic as you expected then contact us, we’ll be happy to make arrangements to return for a free upgrade to the v2 hum-sensing coil assembly.