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Enhanced Split Single Coil (ESSC) game changer for humbuckers

Customers told us when our humbuckers launched they have a very good split single coil sound.  But as usual boss Chris wasn't content and set about improving the split single sound, and not just an improvement but a dramatic improvement, a game changer.  First was the now discontinued 2n1 (two in one) model, it produces genuine and loud Fender sound in split mode and a very nice humbucker sound in non-split mode.  It's a complex work of art the 2n1, and is priced accordingly.

Never content, he's been working lately on a less complex, less costly technology he has named ESSC, and acronym for Enhanced Split Single Coil.  It has our patented magnetic field focusing device which gives rise to Fender-like sound.  He has made ESSC as an optional extra for our 59+ LPS model as well as some others. 

It's a game changer for humbuckers because with upcharge of just $45 it's affordable versatility since you are getting 2 pickups in one shell.  It requires a double throw switch (Single pole for each pickup or 2 poles for two pickups) to perform the splitting function.  A Push pot or mini-toggle switch as you prefer.  A special DPDT Push/Push control can be included on the order form for $15.

Installed in our Les Paul the split single sound is nearly as LOUD as the humbucker mode for one thing, and it's got pizazz and spank, strong n sharp twang and chirpy highs that can be easily mistaken for Fender, only it has more girth like a P-90.  That's a pretty good marriage don't you think!  The both-on-together sound is quite fine too, more cluck than quack thanks to the extreme dynamics and mismatched coils, marvellous.  Anyone who thinks the PRS split coil humbucker has a good sound will be astounded when they experience this Kinman 59+ LPS with ESSC.  Yet another fine innovation added to Kinman's House of Humbuckers .... more unique humbucker models coming along soon so keep checking the What's New? articles.

Our most recent contribution to Multi-Sound humbucker technology is our Converge-3n, it's Zero-Hum all the way.