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P90-Bucker in a Soapbar cover -budget priced

For release in June 2023 this is our new Soapbar P90-Bucker  (also available in our marvelous Twang-Bucker format)


First question- Why?  For several reasons ...

  1.  Budget pricing ... at $149 it is highly affordable annnd highly desirable.
  2.  To give customers a better and more authentic option to Soapbar Sidewinders made by other brands.

Attributes ...

  •  Beyond excellent super dynamics, satisfying attack, lush bottom end, beautiful tone and highly versatile.
  •  Like our regular P90-Bucker it's available as a Standard, Clean Bridge, C&B Neck as well as the Heavy variations.
  •  Zero-Hum (noiseless) 110% genuine single coil sound (not like a humbucker at all).
  •  Is available with 53mm pole spacing.
  •  Is same size and depth as a regular Soapbar P-90 and will fit into ALL Soapbar cavities, guaranteed.
  •  Optional 2, or 3 mounting screws for control over height, tilt and slant adjustments for optimum performance.
  •  Optional Kinman Universal Soapbar cover for Gibson's -or- Korean Generic cover
  •  Optional Non-Magnetic mounting plate is designed to accept 2 or 3 mounting screws.

Kinman Soapbar non-magnetic Mounting Plate Kit

with optional 3 mounting screws for precise adjustment control over height, tilt and slant