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Kinman’s benchmark for new products

Boss Chris works tirelessly and incessantly developing new technology and new products. Of the staggering number of experimental pickups he makes only a handful (about 5 in 100) get released for sale. So how do we decide which ones get the nod?

Back in the early 1980’s when Chris was making his Blueprint Series S and T class guitars he noticed that when playing them for the first time a precious few of them gave him a special feeling, one which made him play extraordinarily well. He did things on the fretboard that can only be described as inspirational. We now call that feeling the feel-good experience. Those few special guitars were given the ‘ICON’ model name and sold at premium prices and they became prized possessions of their owners.

kinman benchmark for guitar pickups

A brace of beautiful Kinman Blueprints

That experience translates to our pickups too and today we use the same feel-good experience as the benchmark for all new pickups ... meaning, new products must provide an outstanding feel-good and inspirational experience in order to be certified with a model name and given a space on our website.

pickup cluster

Tommy from USA Custom Guitars told us that what sets us apart from other brands is that they have some pretty ordinary sounding pickup in their line up. He went on to say that he's tried a lot of Kinman's and never found even one pickup that was not outstanding or failed to delight him. Coming from a player who has been exposed to a heck of a lot of pickups that’s really saying something.

Immerse yourself in gorgeous tone and stimulating dynamics, immerse yourself in a delightful Kinman feel-good experience. We feel the Gen-2 models are the most outstanding but, be aware that a low capacitance cable is desirable to get the best out of any passive pickup .... even a Kinman. Navigate to >Blogs >Any old cable won't do