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Kinman is a small firm with just 1 overworked Joe at the HELP DESK so please research your question before sending a message which may not be necessary because you'll find lots of answers on this site.

First step is use the Internal Search Engine located upper right of every page on the Classic Desk Top site and on the front page of the modern mobile site it's just above the PayPal icons.

If no luck look for answers in the sections indicated by the Red arrows below.

If you have really tried and can't find your answer send us a message.

We usually reply pronto but if you have not received a reply within 5 days check your Junk folder

Members please sign-in and enjoy a permanent record of our ongoing discussions for future reference.

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One-Shot Message

We found 60% of our replies to 'One Shot' emails never get read, probably because people don't check their Junk Mail folders. Consequently we are suspending this service. Please Sign-Up and verify your emal address to begin with.