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Our unique 240 humbucker cover is available again

Our unique 240 humbucker cover with open top is available again after being unavailable for 6 months.

The original punch tool was made in Korea and it turned out to be a disaster (like a lot of other Korean products).  As you know, closed top metal covers affect the high frequency response, more so in split single coils, and we wanted to provide a solution that meets the high expectations of our customers.  So, we had a new punch tool made locally and it's working really well in our in-house press shop where we also make our Jaguar claws and a number of other items.

Originally designed for our P90-Bucker and Twang-Bucker our unique 240 cover can be ordered on any Kinman humbucker and is highly recommended for our ESSC Humbuckers as well as the 100% Zero-Hum Multi-Sound Converge-3 humbucker.
Here are a few images, there are more in the What's New article titled "Open Top humbuckers with new Decorative Top Plates"

Also available in Durable Black coating in addition to Buffed Nickel-Silver.  And we also have Textured Black and Plain Black and a new 3D Gold Embossed top plate like the ones below.


New ... 3D Embossed Gold (Limited Edition & made In-house)