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Reverb.com - easy way to order from the Reverb Kinman Factory Shop.


So you don't like ordering on our website shop?  Well now you have a fast n easy alternative and a great deal too.

We closed down the guy who was selling Kinman on Reverb the past couple years after he did some bad stuff to us and now there is our own Reverb Kinman Factory Shop selling our products WORLD-WIDE.  Search Reverb for 'Kinman'.  This is our own shop and ordering is very much simplified.  We respond to questions and it has access to all Kinman products (whether advertised on Reverb or not)

If the product is not listed send a message on Reverb and we will create the means for you to order it.

We dispatch within 3 days and our shop delivers worldwide by DHL or FedEx 5 day delivery (whichever costs least).  Introductory FREE Shipping for a limited time.  Also our Duty & Tax advantage applies too >>

And you will pay Zero import Duty and probably no Tax either, especially if you live in Australia and the USA.  In all other countrys, even if VAT is applied to the pickups you will pay just 80% of the usual amount.  This is thanks to our structured Customs Declaration that invokes the Generalized System of Preferences, or GSP which exempts our pickups from Duty.  Also, our Goodbye Soldering harness are not taxable so you might want to consider including one to guarantee the pickups achieve their maximum sonic potential.

See you on Reverb soon?  Hope so!