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Nickel-Silver P-90 Soapbar cover

Isn't it beautiful?  This is our new hand buffed Nickel-Silver P-90 Soapbar cover.  We went to lengths and had tooling made to punch holes in three pole spreads, 53mm, 50mm and 47.5mm ....as well as to form a countersink in the mounting screw holes so we can use our low profile countersunk phillips head screw that we have made specially for our P-90's.  The top surface of the mounting screws is gently raised just above the surface of the cover because we don't want our customers to feel the discomfort when your fingers brush against ugly screw heads that poke out, besides ours just looks better don't you think This feature is unique to Kinman because we always go the extra miles and we felt the world's best sounding Zero-Hum P-90 deserves to have our beautiful cover. 

Notice the corner radius, it's the same as Gibson soapbar covers and fits beautifully into Gibson soapbar cavities without scraping the corners.  Soon we will have plastic covers with 'correct' Gibson corner radius too.

And you won't have to worry about electical buzz when you touch it and you have one of our non-magnetic mounting plates on the cavity floor the cover is automatically grounded.  Otherwise we connect a separate ground wire to it.

Since our cover is not electro-plated it will acquire a relic look when, over time, it tarnishes naturally ... that is unless you apply a little bit of clear guitar polish every so often (do not use polish that is white because white residue gets into hard to clean places).