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So you wanna make a YouTube demo:

You want to create a meaningful comparison between different brands of pickups right? The first and most important thing to consider is you choice of competing pickups. 95% of viewers expect pickups that have been designed to produce similar performance and sonic character. What use is it comparing a Kinman Scoop to a Fender Fat 50 when the targeted sounds are so intentionally different by design? But that’s exactly what one fellow did. Another fellow compared Woodstocks with Fender 56/58 Strat pickups, again the 2 designs are designed to sound different.

Not only is this misleading their viewers but it’s not helping Kinman either because many viewers form the wrong impression and get turned off the brand name simply because of it.

A much more honest and meaningful comparison would be comparing Fender’s Fat 50 with Kinman’s Impersonator Fat 50. Or Fender’s 56/58 pickups to Kinman’s Impersonator A56, Fender CS69 and Kinman Impersonator A69 and so on.

Same goes for P-90. Kinman‘s Nasty 90 is best compared to a Gibson P-90. Sweet Neck to Lollar’s P-90.

If you want to illustrate the difference between different pickups you should fully disclose what your intention is and make a deliberate point about the differences and why you like those differences. But not many viewers seem to be interested in that kind of approach, they seem to be more interested in differences between products that are intended to be similar so they can make an informed decision about what to buy.

It's also necessary to showcase the contenders in the same guitar and the same signal chain. Using 2 different guitars introduces undesirable differences that undermine the whole idea.

Design your YouTube demo with equivalent pickups and other players will thank you for a meaningful demo. Please let us know and if we like your demo we will post it on our site.

And one more thing, show you face.  YouTube demos that fill the screen with the guitar and hands playing it look like an expressionless robot.  They miss facial expressions that can often tell a story in themselves.  The human mind and vision system is designed to read faces so make sure you put your's on the screen, your YouTube will look so much better and be more interesting for viewers.