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Humbucker-Tron in 7 different flavors

Isn't it a beauty?  It's not a Filtertron size, it's actually the size of a regular humbucker and that why we call it our new Humbucker-Tron

It looks fabulous with it's custom mounting ring made specially for this unique pickup.  Our new Humbucker-Tron comes in 7 different flavors such as, and variations of ....

  • Humbucker-Tron
  • P90Bucker-Tron
  • TwangBucker-Tron
  • Jazza-Tron
  • Multi-Tron which is our Converge-3 in our Humbucker-Tron guise.

Not released yet, but when it does, take advantage of our special introductory price of $198 until restored to the normal price of $269.  Message us to reserve your Humbucker-Tron at the introductory price (no payment required to reserve one of these).

Click this link to see this fabulous premium humbucker.