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Humbuckers with bouncey sprongy sound

Humbuckers with bouncey sprongy sound?  What the &#$@!"???  So does it even look like a humbucker?

Yes, it looks like a conventional humbucker and the low wound E-6th string sound has been transformed from a dull toneless thud into a dynamic and alive springy sound, you can feel the spring of the notes under your finger tips and it will inspire your creative side by making you want to play in different ways that will surprise and delight you.

It started out as a quest to reduce the overly trebly piercing sounds of flying razor blades coming off the plain strings in certain bridge models.  Boss Chris has developed some radically different coil winding techniques and he wondered if he could put his vast knowledge to good use so he constructed an experimental P.A.F Astound to test his theory.  After 3 or 4 attempts he struck gold and the plain strings lost their razor sharp thinness and gained body and a degree of sweetness ... with bite.  That was expected but there was a big surprise, the low E string had been transformed into a super dynamic, alive and springy sound that still sounds round and bassy and yet possesses a fair degree of stringy sound.  So we have gone from the usual cardboardy dull thud from the low E to a louder and far more dynamic sound that has an adventure-some sonic experience (not a single coil tone that has piano mid-tones but the perfect tone for a humbucker)

One more unexpected benefit is that the progression of tone from the low E string to the A, to the D and all the way to the top E now has a very smooth transition ,,, meaning there are no noticeable changes in tone timbre, especially when you get to the D string, it has lost that out-of-place nasal characteristic sound and is now in keeping with the low E and A strings and progressing the G string sounds natural with no sudden change to out-of-chracter sounds.

And yes, these v2 models do sound terrific under gain and ye, they do clean up very well when the volume pot is rolled down.

We are so excited with this new sound we are currently revising our other bridge humbuckers such as the P.A.F Astound,  P.A.F Plus for bridge and neck models.  The transformation is so amazing we considered coming up with new names for these models, but I think at the end of the day we will simply add a v2 to the existing names.  We will have these new v2 versions available late April 2020.