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Mini-Humbuckers have arrived



This time last year we thought we would never make mini-humbuckers because the coils are too small for a really great sound.  But early 2020, in a moment of enlightment, boss Chris made a discovery that changed his mind. 

We have spent the last 6 months testing lots of experimental pickups and refining our design and drawing all the component parts in CAD software.  Three months ago we ordered the dozens of different parts and the special tooling.  The parts and tooling have arrived and we have begin making our astounding little packages of dynamite that punch way above their size.  Available now!

Navigate to the Humbucker section and click the top Tab, Mini-Buckers

Little Ripper – Zero-Hum   3 different flavors including one terrific split coil version

Little Bastard - Zero Hum   sonic mayhem in the distortion arena

Mini P90-Bucker – Zero-Hum     2 different flavors, Lite & Heavy

Mini Twang-Bucker – Zero-Hum   2 different flavors, Lite & Heavy

Mini Scoop-Bucker - Zero-Hum     2 different flavors, Lite & Heavy