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12-Dec-08 Version 3

Browser Bugs & Errors

Are you finding some things that don’t work on this Website? For example an ERROR ALERT tells you to select a pickup position when one has been selected - OR - refuses to add the Model you chose or the Cart won’t load.

This type of ERROR is caused by Browsers that have bugs and the way forward is to use a different browser. We like Mozilla because it’s the best. You can also try Safari and Chrome but even these can have bugs on occasions. All other Browsers including IE are known to cause problems. Make sure your browser is fully updated since frequent UPDATES from the maker are used to fix bugs.

Don’t believe us? here’s a report from one customer who thanked us for our advice.

Thanks so much. I was using Safari, but was able to place my order on the site with Firefox and had absolutely no problems. Thanks! Nate

Background to bugs:

The Internet and browsers are evolving as extremely complex structures. One problem is different brands have different standards and methods which often are not compatible with all website and computer environments. We have identified the more common issues which are addressed with the following recommendations and fixes. Keep checking this page as we are adding more stuff as knowledge comes to hand.

Basic requirements:

- Cookies must be enabled in your browser to navigate this site.
- JavaScript must be enabled (there are some malicious scripts getting around that disable JavaScript without you knowing so check it's status).

Browser recommendations: This site is best with monitor set to 1024 X 768 and 1280 x 1024. The site is developed for and tested on IE 6 and IE 7 and Mozilla (Firefox) 3.

We like Mozilla (Firefox). It's faster and has less problems. It's free from www.mozilla.com/firefox and as such we will always design/update for the most recent version.

Known Issues: UPDATE 28-Mar-16: It has come to light that Mac computers began experiencing problems navigatng this site (and others too) in recent weeks. The source of the problems have not been identified but we suspect a connection with automatic updates.

If using a PC: from past experience we know problems arises because you might have a browser issue which is usually solved by using a different browser. The site works fine with IE 6 & 7, Firefox and Mozilla. Safari and Opera are doubtful at this stage but we are working on it and hope for better results soon.

IE and Safari often develop a bug which can also cause problems and can only be fixed by updating with most recent versions (not IE8 Beta) which repairs the bug -or- reinstalling the browser from scratch.


If you are experiencing any problems first delete Cookies, History and Temporary Internet files. This is done in the Tools menu on your browser. Then try again.

Images that don’t display properly, click the browsers refresh button.

'Contact' us for other problems that you can't fix doing the above or send email detailing your problems to webmaster@kinman.com You should also to tell us the resolution setting of your monitor, Browser type and complete version number and your operating system.