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Bonamassa Gen-3 Strat set


In a YouTube demo Joe talks about his 'Bonnie' 1955 Stratocaster and we were struck by the sound of those original 1955 pickups.  It's difficult to imagine how they could be improved, but improve we did.  First ours have Zero-Hum, and then there is the low strength Alnico magnets that don't pull on the strings, so string crash is eliminated and natural sustain is longer.  In the video you can hear the horrible sound of TCS (Torn Cone Syndrome) which all Strat pickups produce, but not our Magnum Opus series.  There are many more remarkable improvements too in our Bonza Massa '55 set.  You'll find this set in the Named Sets section on the Stratocaster arena.

The Gen-3 Kinman Magnum Opus is the new Gold Standard for Strat pickups.