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47.5mm pole spread on Humbuckers with our unique CSCT


All Gibson and copy humbuckers and P-90 have 49.2mm pole spread for both bridge and neck pickups.  This is a compromise to save manufacturing costs and neither are perfect for either position.  We believe the neck should have 47.5mm and the bridge should have 50mm poles spreads.  Look at the two photos below, the bottom one is standard humbucker pole spread while the one at the top is our new 47.5mm spread, it's easy to see the radical improvement don't you think?

We have been wanting to do this for quite a while but it took quite some effort and money to finally make it happen.  All Kinman humbuckers and P-90 Hx are now available with 47.5mm pole spread that suits the neck position perfectly on Gibson's and other guitars that have a narrow 52mm spaced bridge.  Introduced 15-Dec-2020 this has been made possible with our CSCT (Coil Spread Compensation Technology) that restores performance that is lost when poles are spaced closer together.  Without our CSCT the sound is mushy, lacks punch and is altogether not agreeable. 

We had special tooling made to punch holes in our own Nickel-Silver covers for 6 in a row, 2 rows of 6 and offset 3 x 3 holes left and right hand in three different pole spreads, and let me tell you that's quite an investment in tooling costs.  This applies to our new Durable Black, our polished natural Nickel-Silver as well as our decorative Pearl-oid in open-top 240 covers (read the next article)

Note the perfect string-over-pole alignment of our new 47.5mm pole spread


Bad string-over-pole alignment of normal pole spread