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Our own Jaguar covers now available

Finally, our own problem solving Kinman Jaguar covers are here.

Pictured in Warm White and Gibson Cream

COVERS news Jan-23:  We saved our pennys and had an Injection Mold made and now have our own Kinman Jaguar covers that don't require modifying the opening in the pickguard, you heard right ... our new covers fit straight into all Jaguar pickguards. 

Available in Warm White, Aged White, Parchment, Gibson Cream and Black.  We can now supply our Jaguar 52.5mm, 51mm and 49.5mm magnet spreads in any color to suit any type of bridge (wide Vintage or modern narrow such as Mastery, Tune-O-Matic and so on)

Also available as spare parts in >Products >Covers.