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Stratocaster Zero-Hum 50`s vintage pickups perfected

After our 25 year quest to per'fect the iconic Stratocaster pickup, our new Magnum Opus models recently attained the lofty status of ..

"the new Gold standard for Stratocaster pickups" 

The new Magnum Opus incorporates exclusive new technology that has broken the final barrier of noiseless Stratocaster pickups.

We have released the Magnum Opus '59 Hank Marvin set and the Joe Bonamassa '55 set.

Navigate to the Hank Marvin page in the Stratocaster pickup section and click the link to the new Magnum Opus page.  There are 2 sound files that support this claim.  Our Magnum Opus '59 model has been acclaimed by Hank Marvin and his inner circle of techs and advisors as being ...

THE BEST 50's Strat pickup ever

... and Hank, above all people, definitely knows 50's Strat sound (his '59 Strat's distinctive sound helped make him world famous).   

Our Magnum Opus stands above Fender's CS54 and genuine vintage pickups from the 50's, that's quite an outstanding achievement given it's a noiseless pickup.

Here's a few comparisons ...

Magnum Opus
(means Masterpiece)

Conventional vintage Stratocaster pickups

• Absolute Zero-Hum • Copious amount's of annoying mains hum
• Low string pull Alnico K magnets • Excessively strong Alnico-5 magnets
• Perfect string-over-magnet alignment • Mis-aligment of neck pickup magnets causes drop-off
• Perfectly balanced string output levels • Overbearing G-3rd string, A-5th sounds gnarly on the bridge
• Volume balanced bridge, middle & neck pickups • Bridge pickup is always thin and not loud enough
Crystaline highs without ice-pick • Plain strings produces spikey ice-pick