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amazon - Risky Business

We have abandoned Amazon because the costs of selling there are excessively high and they Nickel & Dime sellers to a ridiculous degree.  We sold $22,000 worth of our product on Amazon and after paying all the fees we made next to nothing.  We think it's a joke now after experiencing it first hand and we won't be back.

Meanwhile there are un-authorized dealers selling our stuff on amazon and the following applies ....

First we want you to know that Kinman products are not your average day-to-day products, they are highly engineered to deliver the absolute best performance to guitar players and to do this requires a number of important options.  Anyone selling Kinman must have good product knowledge so that the customer receives the options that work best in his guitar because not all guitars are the same.  Some have narrow bridges and other have wide bridges and we have various magnet spreads to suit all kinds.  Also we have two different magnet staggers to suit different Fretboard radius.  Kinman are not the kind of products that can be sold on mass selling platforms where relevant question are not asked.

Shysters selling our stuff as new products on amazon and ebay are un-authorized, they do it without asking for our permission.  We have tired to track them down but amazon conceal their identity.  When we find out who these people are they will be terminated as customers or their indirect supply source will be cut off.

Secondly, we have had a long line of dissatisfied customers who bought from amazon and found them uncommunicative, unresponsive and supplied incorrect products without redress.  Several of those customers subsequently re-ordered direct from us.  These people have very little product knowledge and basically don't understand the product they are selling.  Factory warranty does not apply to unauthorized sellers.  And who knows how old their stock is or where they get it from.

There is no better place to buy than direct from the maker right here on kinman.com   Makes sense doesn't it.  You will always receive the very latest version with updates.  We offer more options and choices that you probably never imagined.  Also our price is lower and you'll be eligible for technical support and direct warranty in the extremely rare event something goes wrong.  One more thing, customers in most countries do not pay duty or tax thanks to our Customs Declaration and the International GSP agreement.