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Special Notice

Monday, 30-March-2020

New orders dispatched within 5 days and delivered by FedEx within another 5 days.

We here at Kinman are fortunate to return to operations with a skeleton staff of just 7 workers (usually 22) after a brief CoVID19 lock-down last week ending 27-March. We received special permission from the government to return to work today Monday 30-March after we were able to demonstrate to government inspectors that we have adequate protection for minimal staff in place. We expect no further interruption to our operations in the near future.

We are currently working hard and we may take a few more days than usual to dispatch you order (7 instead of 5 days).

We will be very pleased and grateful to see you orders come in and help Kinman stay alive through the current situation.

For those that find yourselves having a forced holiday, I hope you all stay safe and find something interesting to do.  May I suggest there are many fascinating articles about pickups and guitars in the Blogs section of my website.  Scroll down the list and read the one that leaps out at you.  There are enough articles to entertain you for days. 

All the best, Chris Kinman and my happy band of 22 devoted staff.


English Chinese (Simplified) Japanese German French Italian Spanish Korean

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