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Stratocaster* .... sounds from the PAST and NEW sounds for the PRESENT & FUTURE

From pure vintage 50's tone to power-house P-90 and Humbucker sounds Kinman Stratocaster pickups cover the most sonic territory and give you Pure Musical Energy without compromises

The pinnacle of pickup design and engineering on planet Earth.  Kinman pickups for Stratocaster cover the sonic gamut of sounds from near-acoustic to full-on blasters ,,,, and all with Zero-Hum.

Finally, Strat sound without the down sides.

We believe the Impersonator series are the pinnacle of pickup design and engineering and to put it simply are THE BEST Strat pickups ever, no other comes even close to these beauties.  And here are our reasons for believing, compared to Fender non-noiseless pickups our pickups have .....

  • the ultimate feel-good experience for you
  • no hum
  • no Strat-itis string warble
  • no fret crash & buzzing
  • longer sustain
  • better dynamic range, definition & clarity 
  • better expression factor
  • more alive and more present
  • better high end frequency response (can you believe it!!!)
  • graduated magnet spreads for perfect string~magnet alignment
  • magnet staggers to suit normal and Compound Radius fretboards

Experiencing is believing, order a set today and if they don't fulfill our promises send them back for a refund.


  1.  Grounded magnets are now standard on all models as from July-2017
  2.  Gen-2+ compensation technology for Narrow and Intermediate magnets spreads introduced 8-Sept-2018.  This technology restores the slight but noticeable loss of attack & presence when the magnets are placed closer together to align with strings off a narrow spaced twin Pivot bridge.
  3. Grounded mounting screws to prevent buzz when touched -2016

There are 3 ways to order your Kinman Strat* pickups

  1. Buy a Named set of 3 pickups (click the Named Sets Tab at the top)
  2. Mix and Match pickups listed on the Singles Strat (Tab) as you wish, by using the Mixed set of 3 and Mixed set of 2 order channels.
  3. Click the BUY button for any single pickup listed on the Single Strat pickups Tab.

In addition to our original models we make two kinds of vintage Stratocaster* pickups, according to our Glossary (see >Technical >Glossary >Sonic) which are ....

  • Aged Sound (Gen-1 models) - typically denoted as AVn & SCn, sounds and performs like gracefully aged pickups with softened attack, no high end brittleness and slightly lowered dynamic range (low peak) which results in earlier breaking into crunch yielding a thick & creamy distortion when over-driven and a sweeter treble when played clean.  Wound strings are well defined but not as crisp or twangy as the Non-Aged-Sound series.
  • Non-aged sound (Gen-2 models) - typically denoted as the Impersonator and Scoop series.  Like new vintage pickups, resists crunching under heavy pick attack.  Sounds highly transparent and some-what scooped midrange, rapid snappy attack & lots of dynamic range (high peak), crystal plains and crisp wound strings.   Wound strings are more crisp and twangy than the Aged-Sound models.  Performs like new pickups but sound far better with distortion devices.

In the Gen-2 Non-Aged Sound category are the ... (from lowest to highest output)

  • The Scoop  -less loud than 50/60's vintage
  • Impersonator E69  -vintage
  • Impersonator E56  -loud Vintage
  • Impersonator '54  -louder Vintage
  • Impersonator Fat 50  -very loud Vintage (discontinued 7-Nov-18)
  • Texas Jalapeno  -very loud Vintage
  • Big-Nine-O  -very very loud
  • Kick-in-the-Arse -very bloody LOUD

In the Gen-1 Aged Sound category are the ... (from lowest to highest output)


  • AVn-62  Vintage
  • AVn-59  Strong Vintage
  • SCn  Stronger Vintage
  • AVn-69  Gen 1.5 very Strong Vintage
  • Hx-85  Gen 1.5  very Loud


  • Traditional Mk-IV set comprised of these singles: AVn-59 / AVn-62
  • Blues set comprised of these singles SCn / AVn-62
  • Woodstock sets comprised of these singles: Hx-85 Gen 1.5 / AVn-69 Gen 1.5

Named sets for Artist's sounds ...

  • David Gilmore's Blackie -  Texas Jalapeno bridge / Impersonator A56 for middle and neck.
  • Knopfler Impersonator 56 in all three positions
  • SRV- Impersonator E56 in all 3 positions
  • John Mayer - The Scoop neck, Impersonator E69 middle & Impersonator E56 bridge (2-Feb-19)
  • Jimi Hendrix - Impersonator E56 in all 3 positions
  • Hank Marvin's Modern and 60's Shadows sound -  Impersonator 54 in all 3 positions.
  • Richie Blackmore - The Impersonator E69 in all 3 positions

Pickup cavity depth:

  • Most models (except the Big-Nine-O and Kick-in-the-Arse) install into stock Fender cavities that are 21mm deep.  However, genuine Vintage and RI guitars will have limited height adjustment range which should not be a big problem since close to the strings yields maximum performance.


All Kinman pickups for Stratocaster* have our exclusive proprietary low-string-pull Alnico-5 rod magnets we call Alnico-K.  These unique magnets promote longer sustain due to less magnetic pull on the strings and minimize string crash (fret buzz and rattle) which also robs sustain.   Our Alnico-K pickups have almost zero Strat-itis and deliver purer notes with less clutter, especially from the wound strings.

Our Strat pickups are made with three different magnet spreads.  By choosing the correct one for the relevant position the magnets will align with the strings for perfect string loudness balance regardless of the bridge saddle spread being vintage 56.4mm or modern 52.4mm.  The magnet spreads may be specified to suit your type of bridge once your order is paid.  Kinman magnet spreads for Strat are ....

  • Narrow 49.5mm
  • Intermediate 51mm
  • Standard 52.5mm

All Kinman pickups deliver very high quality sound without annoying mains hum.  Kinman has more high-value Patents for revolutionary technology relating to hum cancelling and tone enhancement than any other pickup maker and that puts us at the forefront of Hum-Cancelling pickup and sonic technology.  Kinman is the KING of noiseless and the Prince of Tone too.


Normal Strat baseplate for most guitars


Optional parallel baseplate for guitars without pickguard
and/or where the cavity is routed with parallel sides for EMG pickups.

Kinman reserves the right to change specifications from time to time as required for improvement or sourcing of component parts.

*Stratocaster and Strat are a Trade Marks of Fender Musical Instrument Corp.  Kinman is not connected to Fender.

** Alnico-K is a unique proprietary rod magnet developed by Kinman in 1985.  It has 40% less string pull than Alnico-5 so sustain is longer and there is much less clatter from string crash and no Strat-itis string warble.