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Kinman's astounding humbuckers are right up there with the best ever



Kinman's astounding Humbuckers

Les Paul himself felt humbuckers had a muddy low end and desired improvement.  Now, four top guitar players are saying ....

"Kinman humbuckers are right up there with the best ever.  They probably are the best ever".  Brett Kingman & Keith Beres

I received my new PAF+ pickups and installed them in my Gibson ES-137. The difference is night and day - your pickups are everything claimed and a pretty but average sounding guitar now has the voice it always should have had.  As much as I bought the pickups to improve cleans just on the edge of break-up, which has happened in spades, what amazes me is the way it handles high-gain now; complex yet clear notes with a fantastic harmonic signature. It's now one of my favorite guitars - Stephen Hird.

These Pick ups are without question the best ever.  I am really proud to endorse your products. Dario Chiazzolino (internationally acclaimed jazz guitarist – composer)

Using exclusive patented technology Kinman has re-invented the Humbucker to deliver these attributes .....

  • Sweet, sweet highs, no spikey ice pick
  • Strings feel** more relaxed.   Faster, easier to play
  • Increased clarity and definition (no more muddy and indistinct sound)
  • More Tone & Dynamics into the E-6th and A-5th wound strings
  • Stunning and loud highly convincing split single coil sound
  • Absolutely 100% Zero-Hum (more silent than conventional humbuckers)

Believe the unbelievable ....   watch this video


Extra Vintage Astound model (not the Extra Vintage as stated in this YouTube)

Now that you’ve heard this we believe you will agree these are the best sounding, best feeling & most silent humbuckers available anywhere!

The reason we do not use over-wound coils to get high output is we want every Kinman to deliver the maximum amount of expression dynamics with sweet, sweet highs to our customers.  Our high energy model, the PAF Astound delivers significantly higher output by a Patented highly efficient magnetic circuit that collects otherwise wasted magnetism and focuses it at the strings and coils where it is used to generate additional output level and dynamics.

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Which Strat pickup (HSS / HSH)?

f-hole install made easy

Dimensions of Kinman humbuckers


Kinman pickups can be ordered with Gibson 5 & 2 wire circuit board connectors


Options available

  • Gen-2 Upgrade for greatly improved split single coil sound
  • 2 or 3 mounting screws
  • Rounded mounting feet for Musicman etc
  • Chrome, Gold and Nickel-Silver covers
  • 2n1-n Zero-Hum option for single coil operation
  • Goodbye-Soldering Harness for Les Pauls etc
  • F spaced 53mm and G spaced 50mm pole spread
  • Gibson plugs, Kinman plugs and Solder connection

Upgrades:  Grounded pole screws are now standard on all models as from July-2017


Humbuckers from Heaven

  • **We have observed a psychological phenomenon where strings feel more relaxed when the pickups are highly dynamic and touch sensitive.  Kinman humbuckers are different to all other humbuckers because they are engineered to deliver these characteristics in abundance.  Our customers confirm our observations.
  • Our special Kin-Chrome and Gold plated Closed top covers and Open top covers have ZERO impact on the sound.
  • 100% immune to microphonic screech & howl - stabilized bobbins, wax potted.
  • Absolutely Zero-Hum (more silent than regular humbuckers)




Sample Video Clips


Extra Vintage Astound


Extra Vintage Astound

f-hole install made easy:

Eliminate removing the pots and switch from Gibson ES335, Epiphone Casino etc  with this cunning method.  Simply cut the pickup hook-up cable and solder our female Adapter Kit to the part that connects to the controls.  The pickup is supplied with our matching Plug which simply plugs into the female Adapter Kit.

                             Female Adapter Kit           Male Plug attached to cable of your new pickup

Kinman reserves the right to change specifications from time to time as required for improvement or sourcing of component parts.