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Overview - Bass pickups with extreme 3D Sonic Dimensions & Zero Hum

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Nobody steals your Thunder.

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At long last, Kinman pickups for Precision and Jazz Bass.  But why have Kinman bass pickups been so long coming?

Well, we felt that bass pickups have special requirements which are not well served by our previous technologies which were developed for guitar.  With recent technological advancements here at Kinman we now have what it takes to make great sounding Zero-Hum (noiseless) Bass pickups without resorting to active electronics, so "look Ma .... no batteries".  We held back for years until we got it right.

Kinman Bass pickups install into Fender and similar Basses without modification.  The original wiring and pots can be used.

Especially engineered for a perfect match, PJ Sets available in the 'Mixed Sets' Order Channel


  • Magnets are Kinman's proprietary low strength Alnico-5 exclusive to Kinman.  These low strength magnets exert very little string pull so the notes are pure and steady even when the strings are close to the magnets.  Sustain is maximized.  Output and guts are not compromised because our patented magnetic circuit increases the efficiency by 40% so our pickups are as loud and even more gutsy than regular pickups even though our coils are wound with far less number of turns.
  • Jazz Bass pickups have staggered magnets so all strings have the same loudness.
  • Hi Q dynamic performance with passive design, no batteries.
  • And of course our bass pickups produce Zero-Hum so your sound is pristine pure musical energy.
  • Weight and cost savings thanks for our new 600Ω Hum Sensor technology which needs only a minimum of steel core pins.