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Overview KHP-90

2 pickups 2 Vol & 2 tone with 2 Push/Push splitter switches 1 pickup with 1 Vol & 1 Tone 2 pickup, 2 Vol & 2 Tone  

Goodbye-Soldering Harness for the above types of guitars (and more).

Not suitable for thin body f-hole guitars such as Gibson 335 and Epiphone Casino etc, Gibson SG solid body and Telecaster Thinlines.

Accepts non-Kinman pickups also.

Available in these 13+ configurations:-

  1. Master Volume only for 1 or 2 pickups with optional Tone control with integrated optional humbucker splitting switch.
  2. Two volumes with optional one or two Tone controls incorporating optional humbucker splitting switch)
  3. Any combination of the above.

Say goodbye to soldering with these highly innovative and advanced harness.  Kinman invented the harness that eliminates soldering in 2002 and is still the outstanding leader today in DIY Plug-n-Play install kits.  Thanks to their modular design the various parts simply plug together making install and replacement of pickups and harness modules a breeze.  See pictures on the KHP-90 (1 or 2 pickups) side TAB.

These modules are full replacement units and not designed to integrate / mix with other harness.

So much more than a wiring harness .....

  • provides the optimum electrical environment allowing the pickups to develop their full sonic and feel potential.
  • save money on installs, do it yourself inside 30 minutes using simple basic tools.
  • 2 user switchable Tone caps, Normal & HDTC (aka High Definition Tone Control).
  • low torque pots for easy finger swells (violinning).
  • swap pickups (most brands) in minutes without soldering.

NOTE-1: The harness is shipped to you on a Red plastic panel. You take the pickups and controls off that panel and transfer them to your guitar.  The connections to your guitar are easily completed without soldering.

NOTE 2:  Each harness comes with handy install accessories that are especially helpful in feeding hook-up cables through long tunnels like the toggle switch cabling in Les Pauls and makes installing easy.

Warranty is 12 months and 3 months on pots and Push/Push controls.