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Goodbye-Soldering Harness to suit Stratocaster* (SSS, HSS & HSH)

Say goodbye to soldering with these highly innovative and advanced harness.  Kinman invented harness that eliminates soldering in 2002 and is still the outstanding leader today in DIY Plug n Play install kits.  Thanks to their modular design the various parts simply plug together making install and changing pickups and harness modules a breeze. 

So much more than a wiring harness .....

  • totally eliminate soldering 100% during install and changing of pickups so with this DIY kit you save install cost
  • provide the optimum electrical environment allowing the pickups to develop their full sonic and feel potential
  • the famous Kinman treble By-Pass filter is fitted to each harness so highs won't be lost when volume pot is wound down.
  • some models provide additional switching options for up to 9+ different sounds
  • fully modular so the various harness modules and pickups can be replaced fast and easy without soldering
  • option of normal and low torque pots for easy finger rolling (violinning).
  • pots are audio taper (log curve)
  • 2 user switchable Tone caps, Normal & HDTC** (aka High Definition).

Stock pots seldom measure the specified resistance, for example many 250k pots can actually measure as low as 175k and this strangles the feel and sound of the pickups.  Kinman pots are specially made to guarantee you will get the maximum sonic potential and dynamic range from your pickups.

NOTE-1: The harness is shipped to you on a Red plastic transportation panel.  You take the pickups and harness controls off that panel and transfer them to your pick-guard.  The connections to your guitar are easily completed without soldering.

NOTE-2:  Suitable for guitars that have the pickups mounted on a pick-guard or direct to the wood with rear rout control cavity.

NOTE-3:  Minimum depth of control rout must be 1.42" or 36mm.  Maximum thickness for mounting pots with star washer fitted is 7.5mm. Some Chinese Strats (Squire affinity) and certain copies have a shallow control cavity that may have to be made deeper.  Check your guitar before ordering or be prepared to rout your control cavity deeper.  Deepening the floor will not adversely affect the sound of the guitar.

NOTE-4:  G&L guitars: no harness will fit because G&L's switch mounting angle is different to Fender.

NOTE-5:  Warranty is 12 months and 3 months on pots and Push/Push control.

NOTE-6:  **High definition Tone control is a very usable tone control because it's effect is not as savage as a regular Tone control.  Unlike normal Tone controls it can be used at position '0' to get a smokey soulful tone flavor without robbing the sound of important high mids.  In comparison, regular tone controls turn the sound to mud because they severely cut important upper mid-range frequencies that give notes good definition.  Some players think it's not working because it's a subtle control and may take some getting used to before it's effect comes into focus.  However when you finally ‘get it' you (like so many before) might find it very pleasing.  Sliding the switch from Hi-Def to Normal (.022) will return the tone control to normal.

NOTE 7:  Available for Left hand and Right hand.  Left hand versions have left hand pots (but not left hand knobs).

  • OAK Grigsby lever switch (USA)
  • Switchcraft Jack socket (USA)
  • High quality pots with accurate value & optional normal and low turning torque specially made for Kinman (3/8" bushing)
  • Knobs & Switch tip included, color coordinated with pickups


* Fender and Stratocaster and Strat are registered Trade Marks of Fender Musical Instrument Corp, Inc.  Kinman is not associated with FMIC but they kindly permit us to refer to their Trade Marks to reference our products.