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As many of you know the Kinman site was taken down for 7 days on 16th December, due to a hack attack by adversaries of the west. [Russia, North Korea, China etc.] These bastards did a lot of damage to our sites but we have fought back in an epic battle lasting 7 days, and for the moment we have won the day.
Of course we realize this dastardly deed was executed one week before our 15% discount sale ended. For those that missed out we will extend this sale until 9th January 2023.
To take advantage of this offer go ahead and submit your order, but, do not pay at the time. We will apply the 15% discount manually and let you know when and how to pay for your order.
We hope to see you soon here at
Kinman is the King of Noiseless
Not only the best noiseless pickups but the best pickups, period.
The amazing new Kinman Multi-sound Humbucker Converge-3n
  • Split mode sounds loud and very Fendery
  • Non-split mode is a great punchy Humbucker sound
  • Zero Hum in both modes
Meet our new little monster. Small size \ Huge sound
  • Available in 2 unique sonic flavors plus coil splitting
  • Examples: Little Ripper: Little Terror
King of Noiseless
Guitar Pickups


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